Antalya, located on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, is a city that offers a unique blend of luxury hotels, stunning beaches, historical ruins, and traditional villages. As the largest city on the southern coastline, Antalya is steeped in history dating back to ancient times. The area is a popular destination for tourists seeking relaxation, exploration, and a taste of Turkish tradition.

Traditional Turkish Experience

While Antalya’s luxury hotels and beaches attract many visitors, traditional Turkish experiences are also within reach. Sunday breakfasts in the nearby mountain villages offer a chance to savor a leisurely meal in the mountain air. Turkish breakfasts are a feast of local dishes and tea, meant to be enjoyed slowly and without rushing.

Preserving Old-World Traditions

The mountain villages surrounding Antalya maintain old-world traditions and craftsmanship. Visitors can encounter roadside workshops where artisans craft wooden sculptures and other goods. The area’s respect for tradition and the landscape adds to its charm.

Maçakizi: A Blend of Past and Present

In bustling Bodrum, Sahir Erozan, a hôtelier and restaurateur, owns the Maçakizi boutique resort that retains its old-world feel while catering to modern tastes. Erozan’s love for the ocean and simplicity has attracted superyachts to the Yalıkavak Marina. He believes the area’s clean seas and bohemian lifestyle are appealing to the super-rich.

Cemil İpekçi: The Bohemian Spirit

Fashion designer Cemil İpekçi fell in love with Bodrum’s bohemian spirit in the 1960s. He recalls a time when the town had just a few houses and an untouched beach. While the landscape has changed, İpekçi still feels the freedom and charm of Bodrum in his heart.

Ancient History in Antalya

Antalya offers more than just beaches and luxury. The ancient city of Perga, located nearby, showcases remarkable ruins from various historical periods, including Byzantine, Hellenic, and Roman eras. Walking in the footsteps of historical figures like Alexander the Great and the Apostle Paul is a humbling experience that adds to the city’s allure.


Antalya’s blend of luxury, tradition, ancient history, and natural beauty makes it a captivating destination for tourists. Whether indulging in leisure by the sea, exploring ancient ruins, or embracing the bohemian lifestyle, visitors can find a diverse range of experiences in this hidden gem of the Mediterranean.

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