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Choose Floating Tv Furniture Or Standing Tv Furniture? Which One To Choose

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You have decided to purchase a (new) TV unit. Maybe because you are moving or because you want to redesign your living room. You come across floating and standing TV furniture, but what is the best choice now? A TV unit is often central to the living room, so it is important that the style and appearance of your TV unit match your interior.

If you have bought the beste samsung televisie    you want to enjoy the perfect screen, there were some troubles before with the panasonic televisie and furniture which made it impossible to watch television because of the technical issues with the board of the television.

In addition, there are a number of practical considerations that help you make the right choice. Below we explain the advantages and disadvantages of a floating and standing TV furniture. In this way you can come to a well-considered decision when purchasing your ideal TV furniture!

Advantages Of Floating Tv Furniture

In our previous article we discussed the ideal height for your television , so you know how to optimally enjoy watching television . In it we explained, among other things, the biggest advantage of a floating TV unit. This advantage is based on the fact that – regardless of the size of your television – you can always mount the furniture at the perfect height for optimum viewing comfort. You are therefore – in contrast to a standing TV furniture – not dependent on the height of the furniture.

An important aspect in choosing a floating TV furniture is the free space underneath the furniture. Vacuuming and cleaning under a floating TV unit costs less time and effort than with a standing TV unit. You can easily get through with your vacuum cleaner.

In addition, the free floor ensures that your living room looks more spacious. Simply because there is more floor in sight. This has a pleasant and relaxing effect on the rest of your interior.

Not unimportant is the fact that floating TV furniture is completely in. So to visually improve your living room as a whole, the choice for a floating TV unit is quickly made.

Disadvantages Floating Tv Furniture

The disadvantages of a floating TV furniture are solely based on its placement. For example, in some houses it is not possible to hang a floating TV unit. It is very important that the walls of your house can bear the weight of the TV furniture. Not all walls can handle this, so it is advisable to map the material and quality of your walls in advance.

You Need To Check If Your Television Is Floating Well Enough

If your walls have the right rigidity for fixing a floating TV unit, you will have to work carefully. You naturally want the TV furniture to be perfectly level. In addition, it is very important that the wall is straight, so that there is no gap between the wall and the TV unit. For these reasons, it is advisable to have a floating TV unit installed by a specialist. A disadvantage is that – compared to standing TV furniture – it takes some extra time and effort to place a floating TV furniture in your living room.

Are you tired of your interior quickly? Do you like to move your furniture to determine a new layout? Then a floating TV unit is probably not a smart option. If the furniture then has to touch another wall, you will have to disassemble it and fill in the holes in the wall.

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