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Is Voodoo A Religion Of Egypt!

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Voodoo is a religion lead to America by Black slaves in Nigeria, a nation that became a central resource of slavery flourish for colonial forces, which all started with the enormous transfer of slaves from West Africa to America in around the year 1500 with cruellest forms of humiliation. Naturally, these human beings were not slaves, but just forcibly made that manner.

Many of them were murdered and flogged to Death like critters. One of the barbaric countries were Spain (which spanned countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Peru…), Portugal (Brazil), and the United Kingdom (which colonized Northern America). Other nations built their economy on slavery also, but the aforementioned ones expanded the yoke hand in hand with Christianity and with all the cruellest influence on other indigenous nations like American Indians.

Voodoo originated in Nigeria, and it has Over 250 ethnic groups – the largest one Yoruba or Igbo with many different spiritual systems like Olorun or Vodun. Nigeria has been a part of prehistoric civilizations like Nok. The Nok civilization had developed several years prior to Christ and it is proven to have had contacts with the then ancient Egypt. Various archaeological excavations confirm this.

Dr Kwame Nantambu (Kent State University) States that black Africans in ancient Egypt wrote that the Bible (Old Testament) because of scribes, and it is a fact that the Catholic Church hides from the public. Even today, in Ethiopia you can meet”black Jews” – black Ethiopians with Judaism as their religion.

Maybe it may surprise some folks, however, the Catholic Church is a company that looks like the Roman Empire in a sure way. It’s divided all around the world to countries in precisely the identical manner as the Roman Empire; it’s its Emperor and also lots of this Catholic heraldry looks like the one used at the Roman Empire. Similar analogies exist within our background and Voodoo isn’t an exclusion.

Voodoo along with another Modern African religion would be the sole living religion on the planet which comprises some components of the early Egyptian faith, especially the cult of Isis, that was very popular as much as the 4th century AD in addition in Europe before Christianity became the official dogma. A logical service for the aforementioned announcement is that Isis was the Goddess of Magic, that’s precisely the identical part of Voodoo.

Voodoo is an offshoot of an Assortment of Religions practised at the afterwards Nigeria and not merely the end result of this Developed from following the year 1500 from the African continent. Presently we have A Haitian-type, however, in addition, its offshoots from different sections of Latin and Northern America.

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