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Long Term Assets & Capital Gain

Another case is of shares. Over the years if the values of the share appreciate capital tax cannot be levied only on gains. Only when an individual decides to sell the shares then capital tax is levied on the gains. In the case of mutual funds, accumulated capital gains are distributed to the shareholders. Individuals ...

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How To Ensure Sizeable Capital Gain

The main concern for investors is which assets can provide capital gain. The best news is almost all long term assets provide a good capital gain. Following are the assets that will ensure sizeable capital gain in the coming years. Tangible Assets: Tangible assets such as property, plant, land and others once sold after a ...

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Disadvantages Of Long Term Assets

Long term assets are property, plant and equipment (PPE), bonds, stocks, land, gold, retirement schemes, mutual funds among many others. There are various advantages of long term assets. Let’s quickly glance what are the plus points of long term assets. Disadvantages Of Long Term Assets Cash: Long term assets due to their lock in period ...

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Difference Between Tangible And Intangible Assets

Business is not for the faint hearted. Yes you got that right. Business means, risk, money, failures and success. But most important of all it needs patience. In business, long term assets play a significant role. It takes years to set up a business and it takes even more years to earn profits. Investing in ...

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Easy Travel Guide With Essentials & Outfit

I believe that dressing fashionably for travel is just as comfortable and easy as flying in an old t-shirt. Modern & chip travel outfit.Leave time to get to economy lots. Pack essentials in your carry-on. Know your hotel information. Know when to use and when to skip.This Guide will help you to make your next ...

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