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Patriot Power Greens: A Complete Verdict

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Though Patriot Power Greens could offer many different health benefits for the user, we don’t think that the outcomes will be as striking and life-changing since the producers say.  The simple fact they use the term ‘wonder’ to explain their nutritional supplement in their long sales pitch is sufficient to set off alerts with us which the firm are over-stating the advantages of Patriot Power Greens.

We also discover that it’s improbable that the supplement can help weight loss by itself, without creating significant dietary alterations.

We’ve found a lot of complaints regarding the business, particularly in their auto-ship program along with the bad customer service which they provide.  Though they say that they offer you a 30-day money-back warranty, we’ve found a lot of reports of customers being not able to offset the auto-ship app, and many people being not able to acquire a refund.  1 client additionally pointed out that the address supplied on the official site was distinct to the address recorded by a letter by the business, which made him exceptionally suspicious concerning the organization’s honesty. Here is a great article for complete overview.

Total, we don’t suggest Patriot Power Greens for our subscribers.  Whilst greens nutritional supplements generally can provide some health advantages, this provider is benefiting from lax legislation on auto-ship apps to increase their profits by unsuspecting clients!

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